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The restaurant

La Foresteria of Monsummano Alto is a restaurant where the tradition of Tuscan meal meets a renewed way of cooking.

Chef Giovanna proposes a selection of typical Tuscan dishes, based on fresh ingredients, typical of this territory, treated in a modern, light way, in order to preserve their flavours and origins.

La Foresteria: good tuscan cuisine, excellent wine and…

The passion for this job, the continuous research for new meetings of different taste, ingredients… And then cooking old Tuscan recipes, and in the same time re-propose them in a contemporary version, according to our ideas, taste and intuition.

“You can go to a restaurant to feel new sensations, taste new dishes and also these ingredients which are not frequently cooked at home.”
Chef Meucci Giovanna

At La Foresteria Restaurant you can discover or re-discover the real taste of the Tuscan cuisine.

If you are thinking about a dinner with your family, a meeting with your friends, or if you have to organize a wedding buffet… at La Foresteria you can find a cosy location, sophisticated at the same time, for your guests, your important day or for a relaxing evening.

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